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Several days ago Mr. Jack Osbourne released via press that he has been told by doctors that he has MS. This report is devastating more so since he was diagnosed with the incurable disease simply two weeks after the welcoming of his daughter, Pearl Clementine. Press has been told that Jack Osbourne discovered his disease around March.  He stated to People mag, “Why now?” Mr. Jack Osbourne is in has late 20s, and MD professionals have stated that quite a few of individuals are indentified with multiple sclerosis between that ages of 20-50 years old.  Multiple sclerosis is a serious disease that primarily goes after the central nervous system. Those with multiple sclerosis might have a lost of vision, certain body parts might go numb and maybe even paralysis. His doctors have said with the correct medications Jack Osbourne can live a normal life with many wonderful years.

On June 18th, 2012 this incredible lady first appeared on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” viewers have become obsessed with searching the internet to get more information on this lady.  The few information we know is that Ms. K Michelle has a attractive body and a talented singer. Ms. K Michelle is also the proud mommy of a small son whose father is no other than Memphitz, who has been accused of beating and stealing lots of money from her record deal to throw away on himself. Ms. K Michelle was signed to Jive Records around 4 years ago, but the recording company did not promote her and she is finally out of that horrible contract deal. Kimberly Michelle plans to continue going forward with her music career with no recording company right now, but is thankful for R.Kelly who guide her to be a well-rounded artist ever since 2008.

The past few months it was stated that the Hollywood couple were separated due to troubles in the partnership. Johnny Depp stated that the rumors were false and has told a lot of press that they were very happy together.

Today the world is sadden that Johnny Depp’s rep have revealed that the Hollywood couple have broke up and stated “Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have amicably separated.” Mr. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have been an item for fourteen years and have two kids, daughter Lily Rose, 13 years old and son Jack, 10 years old. Currently, there is no info on what the bottom line is on the split has been said.


Lindsay Lohan once again messed up, but at the very least it is not a big deal and she will not be taken to jail for this mishap. Many of you may be aware of she currently working as the late Liz Taylor in the Liz and Dick film. The insurance association brought on broad by the production team stated that they do not want Lindsay Lohan behind the wheel at all with their car. However, she drove the rental car and wrecked into truck. Right now, the insurance agency has not cancelled their agreement but the movie makers now have voiced their rules and are not allowing Lindsay Lohan to drive one of their cars anymore during the course of recording. Only time will tell if Lohan agrees to listen.

TV Personality Jenny McCarthy debuts her goodies for her 6 Playboy issue cover for her fortieth birthday. The July/August issue shows the blonde bombshell wearing nothing but fishnet gloves and black thigh high boots. Jenny McCarthy was introduced on the cover of Playboy years back in 1993 in the month of October to which she named Playmate of the Month and then became Playmate of the Year a year later. For this Playboy magazine she presented in a eight page photo shoot captured by Steve Shaw. She told press, “I’m really proud of it. The pictures are really gorgeous and classy. They could be out of W magazine. They’re really elegant. It’s probably a lot more sophisticated than a lot of the stuff you’d see of people with their clothes on.” Her Playboy cover will be available on magazine stores on June 29th of 2012.

Ms. Kate Upton has evolve into a crowd pleasing model of every single dude for the reason that she has a hot frame. Model Kate Upton slim figure, wild shapely hips and massive tits, which can be witnessed proudly featured in the GQ magazine.

This hot model will be seen dressed in a American themed swimsuit. The model made her way to the top when a video of her performing the “Cat Daddy” was posted on the Youtube website, but was temporarily yanked due to disobeying “community guidelines.”. Lots of YouTube users complained and the clip was uploaded back onto the site.  Make certain to keep your eyes on this sexy 20 year old model as she is expected to go far with her career.


Just in case you didn’t notice, yet again there’s another remarkable baby boom with women in The Movie Business. There are numerous of hot & well known women in show business that are as of recent expecting. A couple of these women entail, the lovely, Drew Barrymore and Vanessa Lachey & various of others.

Gals now more than ever are proud that they desire becoming mommies & urge to experience their primal instincts instead of working without time for anything else. Everyone of these acclaimed, expectant mothers are looking splendid as they wait for the day they become parents.