Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes


Photographs showing a nude Jlaw have been released as part of a package of content in the second such installment of hacked personal videos of celebs by 4Chan and other websites such as Gizmodo.

The list of celebrities involved in the leak also includes actress Aubrey Plaza and model Kate Upton. New pics of Lee Sobieski have also been released in this latest package.

It is not possible to determine when the pics were from but research into the hacks are currently in progress by the authorities.

A few weeks ago over 100 famous women were phished by hackers who took hundreds of naked pictures and personal videos from their personal icloud and released them to the public.

The original list also included stars Arianna Grande, Cara Delevigne and Victoria Justice.

Reps for Jennifer Lawrence made an announcement on their twitter accounts saying they were verifying the authenticity of the photos.